Saturday, 28 January 2012

I like quotes.... here's one for today.....

A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow.
- Charlotte Brontë

Where does the time go.....

Wow, its been awhile since my last post!!
 I can't believe how time flies and especially that FEBRUARY is almost here!!! 
I do love February as it is full of birthdays :) Especially MINE :) 
I have a nice and relaxing weekend ahead! 
Just doing some errands this afternoon and will be takin' it easy for the rest of the time :) 
I don't have much to say today.... so I thought I would post some pics from my phone ....

A little while ago ... it was chilly over this way....

-26 definitely is cool..... but not as cool as......

I dunno how the bunnies handle the crazy weather......

I found a new cool iphone app..... called the akinator... totally worth checking out... he is alike an arabian psychic- its super fun to have him guess the the "person" you are thinking about.... I seemed to stump him... and this is what he said....
Shortly after this message... he guessed... PETER PAN :) 

Heres a little something to ponder.....
HAVE A GRRRRREAT WEEKEND :) Enjoy every second!!!


Sunday, 15 January 2012

Had a fabulous weekend- did you? :)

So my momma and I just came back from a couple days away from home :) We went a few hours to a new shopping mall and we had a productive time!!! My momma went all out and bought a pair of cute boots and two fun sets of running shoes!! She also bought and awesome coach purse for herself and a cute clutch for me :) I bought myself some cute tights and a matching pair of running shoes (same as my mommas). 

After many hours shopping.... we had were exhausted!!! We headed to our hotel that was only 15 minutes away and started to relax when... my SURPRISE showed up at the hotel :) I found a local spa that agreed to come to our hotel and give us each a facial!! It was so relaxing and fun :) 
After some relaxation---- we went to dinner! It was yummy Italian!!
Overall, we had a fun and exciting weekend of adventures ;) 
This was my moms Christmas present- she definitely enjoyed the fun and thoughtfulness :)

Next up.... a stop at the gym... and starting my new book (for a book club). 
What are you up to on this lovely (BUT COLD!!!) Sunday evening??

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Hmm whatta plan.... to finish what I start :)

So recently I decided to start FINISHING what I start.... and the first week was very successful!!! Here are some of the things I was up to .... and feel very empowered by:
  1. Finished reading my bookclub book (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) early for once. I am now 1/3 for finishing before we meet!!! I had motivation this time because we are going to see the movie tomorrow!!
  2.  I stuck to my goal last week of three workouts (at least 30 mins each)/ week!! I actually exceeded my time for two of the work outs 55 mins each!!
  3. I finished two work projects during my office week.... before starting the next ones or getting distracted!!
  4. (kinda of topic but...) I started reading one article/ day to enhance my global awareness (and eventually overall intellect).
  5. Just came back from a fabulous cardio workout and finished reading this months Women's Health!! 
  6. Attended a "Label to Table" session today... learning how to properly understand and utilize food labels !!! It was very informative... however... just the beginning of a challenging learning curve for me!!
So it looks like I might be on to something...... however, it does take many more days to form habits.... so lets see. What are your goals right now? Short term vs long term? What are you proud about from the past week?

Good nite 

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Mickey is in the house ;)


Hope everyone is having a fabulous day so far!! We are over here!! Had my papa and brother in law over for breakfast with me and the hubby :) I whipped up some pancakes, deviled eggs, and had fresh blueberries out :) 
What do you think of my special pancakes?? The first ones were a flop!!! But the last three were AMAZING!!!

Thats all for now :) See you after a day of productivity!!!1


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Looks like I'm a weekend blogger .... for now

Good Morning :) 
Its a great sunny day over here.... and I've been up a few hours already. 

Went to the gym already this am for some good cardio! About to tidy my office and get organized!!! Last night I read a really great article in the December Womens Health magazine- and it has motivate me to get organized for life!! 

Here are some awesome quotes I took from the article :
"Having too many things can take mental space and energy that you could be spending else where"

"The more people are focused on possessions the lower their personal well being"

"Clutter can be a sign of procrastination. Rather than handling things in the moment, we put them aside"

"Assign an expiration date to each of your projects on your to do list" ... if you don't decide if its worth keeping as a thing to do... or delete it. 

"When there are to many choices you spend too much time making decisions"

"Focus on acquiring experiences not things"
I LOVE THIS ONE.. this is what we make a priority in our life!! 
With things... "You get the initial pleasure of doing something you enjoy, and then you can relive those feel good moments again and again as memories". Objects on the other hand, tend to lose their appeal over time because we get bored of them. 

"The more you own the less personal each object becomes and the easier it its to take it for granted"

"Focus on investing in objects you really love and can't live without"

Some food for thought eh? Off I go to dEcLuTtER......

Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy 2012 for all

Boy, where does the time go?? I hope everyone had a fabulous time celebrating the start of a new year!! We sure did. My hubby and I celebrated at a fancy gala in Banff :) It was fun to dress up, drink and dance the night away :) We missed being around family and friends though, but did the best we could :))) Love does make the world go 'round :) 

Heres hoping to a fabulous 2012. I had fun last night reviewing my goals from last year and setting new ones for this year. My most important and challenging one is.... to get in shape for life!!! I've made some rule for structure for myself.... and the 21 days to changing a habit... begins.... TODAY!

What are your goals for this year??? Anything exciting :) As my new mantra says "time is what you make of it" - my hubby's quote!!!
Cant' wait to hear everyones new years goals :)