Saturday, 6 October 2012

There is SOOO much to be THANKFUL for....

I can't help but fall in love with the autumn colours, crispness in the air, and family events!!!! 

Last Sunday something incredible happened! My hubby and I cleaned and purged our CONDO like NEVER before!!! He vacuumed.... I organized.... we moved all our JUNK and PILES out to the storage room..... 

WHAT AN AMAZING feeling.... when the nights get darker faster... and our lights are on.. there is glowing cleanliness and organization.... no mess, no piles, no constant "to do" reminders.....

It has been so REFRESHING.... that I have helped keep it that way.... 

I have 4 bags of clothes and shoes in my car to donate.... 
but that is the only reminder of how much work we did!!!

Anyhow, now on to the fall events!!!

Last night my hubby's side of the family had a small turkey dinner... it was nice. 
Today we are going on a date nite :) I'm excited!!! I'm really hoping we will get a chance to go do some beautiful and romantic fall photos together before it gets dark!! A few years ago we started this trend and I love it. 

Here are just a few things I am grateful. 

1) My parents & my husband. 
This. Is. True. Love.
This. Is. What. Family. Is. About.

2) My health

3) A career that I actually LOVE. I love helping people, I love using my creativity. 

4) Opportunity and freedom: I love that really I can go and do anything in this world that I want. 
That I can travel, be creative, speak my mind, follow blogs, go on spontaneous adventures, plan surprises, try new dessert coffees, smile at people, help people!!! It goes on and on..... 
WE ARE TRULY LUCKY in North America!! 

5) The new and old friends I have. I love having people around me, each person offers something different. People come and go and over time you know those that mean the most and those that you cherish the most!!! 

Sometimes in life it really is the simple things that matter most. 
Enjoy life, love, happiness and time.

What are you thankful for???

I can't wait to make pumpkin bars and pumpkin pancakes.... 

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