Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Hmm whatta plan.... to finish what I start :)

So recently I decided to start FINISHING what I start.... and the first week was very successful!!! Here are some of the things I was up to .... and feel very empowered by:
  1. Finished reading my bookclub book (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) early for once. I am now 1/3 for finishing before we meet!!! I had motivation this time because we are going to see the movie tomorrow!!
  2.  I stuck to my goal last week of three workouts (at least 30 mins each)/ week!! I actually exceeded my time for two of the work outs 55 mins each!!
  3. I finished two work projects during my office week.... before starting the next ones or getting distracted!!
  4. (kinda of topic but...) I started reading one Time.com article/ day to enhance my global awareness (and eventually overall intellect).
  5. Just came back from a fabulous cardio workout and finished reading this months Women's Health!! 
  6. Attended a "Label to Table" session today... learning how to properly understand and utilize food labels !!! It was very informative... however... just the beginning of a challenging learning curve for me!!
So it looks like I might be on to something...... however, it does take many more days to form habits.... so lets see. What are your goals right now? Short term vs long term? What are you proud about from the past week?

Good nite