Thursday, 22 September 2011

Been too long...

I am starting to miss blogging... its been a while since my last post..... I feel a little down about not having comments or conversations going on my blog.... but I think I will continue writing because I enjoy it..... and it is a great summary of my thoughts & outlook on life..... I have a few interesting photos to post...... will be back later for a bit of fun :) 


Monday, 5 September 2011

Lovin' the long weekend :)

Ohhh... I hate when longs weekends end!!! I just love the extra time to hang out with those you love, relax, work on the 2 do list etc.... this weekend was really well balanced for me :) 

Here is a recap of AWESOME moments I chose to photograph with my iphone :) 

Beautiful view by the lake: while on a walk with my papa

Another view of the beautiful sunset :) 

One of the best parts of dinner with my love :) Coconut smoothie :))) YUM

Full fridge, ready for a new week :) Lots of "clean eating" recipes to try this week :) 

Bedtime snack....

Blueberry, banana, coconut, vanilla yogurt & milk :) 
I was too tired to move the decor away from the outlets.... the fall theme makes up for it though right ;)

Good night :)

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Too Much To Do....

Yeah, for the long weekend coming up :) Only one more sleep!!! I havent been doing too well keeping my blog up to date. Its not fun having a one sided conversation with my self!!

I would love to hear topics you might be interested coming across on this site.

For now, I had a fabulous end to my day.... some RESTORATIVE YOGA!!! It was just the right way to get the long weekend started... with nervous system calming and time to relax!!! It really is worth checking out.

Now... for a "to do list" for SEPTEMBER... a season change can be sooo motivating!!! Here comes ZUMBA, glass making jewellery, trip planning and journaling :) Maybe some photography too : )

Good night, feel free to leave some comments :)