Monday, 26 December 2011

Another Christmakkah over with.....

Wow. I just love the holidays. We finished celebrating the holidays at my parents cabin... came home and went to a Hanukkah celebration!!!! 

Heres a brief picture capture of my holidays with my family :)

Hope every one had a great time with family ;) 

My tradition for this year.... was asking everyone... what their favorite part of xmas dinner was!!!

What are your favorite traditions? What was your favorite memory this holiday?

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmakkah

Happy Holidays :) 

Over here we are celebrating Hanukkah and about to celebrate Christmas :) I just love this time of year!! Its so magical and heartwarming. I love that the focus is on family and lasting traditions!!! 

We have some annual traditions but I'm about to stir things up and think of a new tradition that is special for my hubby and I to share with my parents. I've been brainstorming and google-ing all kinds of ideas!!

Current traditions:
 - Go out to my parents cabin and enjoy the peacefulness it brings, enjoying special moments with family and nature. 
-  Usually we go snow mobiling and have a fabulous xmas dinner (prepared by my 
- Usually open one present on xmas eve; but usually turns in to all .... so we can enjoy sleeping in!!

Of my brainstorming far I really like these ones: 
- Go outside and make snow angels
- Keep a "joy" journal to help remember special holiday moments 
- Matching pj's (not sure my hubby will go for this!!)
- Sit and reflect on the best part of the year 
- Keep a collection of individual peoples favorite xmas song and make a cd next year
- Take a photo in the same place each year
- Write appreciation cards/ letters
- Play games/ watch xmas movies
- Stockings

What are your favorite family traditions?!?!?


Sunday, 11 December 2011

What are you reading??

Seeing as how I still have people checkin' in on the blog....I'll try to put in some effort in maintaining at least a daily update :) I really enjoy seeing the previous posts and reflecting on what I was up .... and what my thinking process was!!

Today, I am re-cooping after an early HOLDIAY celebration with my parents and my inlaws. We had a declicious dinner and fun chatting time last night!!! Now I am relaxing..... and debating how to get started on my to do list for the day..... I think it will begin with a little nap or perhaps some easy reading.

I am currently reading:
The Happiness Project

It is the one my bookclub chose.... and I am enjoying it immensely!!

What book are you reading now? Is it amazing? Motivating? Fun?

While we're on the topic of happiness.... I came across this awesome link on my facebook .... 

it is totally worth checking out!!! 

Have a fabulous day!!!