Saturday, 27 August 2011

YEAH its the WEEKEND!!!!

OH how I long for FRIDAYS (all week long)..... its the gateway to the WEEKEND :) I just love the free time and time to relax. The work weeks are now so busy, so chaotic, when you are done the work day, there is so little energy and time left. I do challenge my self to stay busy on the week days..... as every spare minute makes up REAL LIFE :)

I'm really looking forward to hanging out with my momma today. We have mother/ daughter time planned. First on the list is a local Farmers' Market. I'm excited to see what fresh and local food will be available.

Ciao for now.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Boy I am super tired today!! I can't get myself overly motivated for anything.... but planning to go to sleep early tonight!!! 

Hopefully in the next couple of day, I will be able to come up with a creative and interesting topic to BLOG ABOUT!!!

nite, m

Beautiful flowers I received from my hubby for our anniversary yesterday <blush>

xoxo They are beautiful from every angle.... hard to choose which pic to use :) 


Sunday, 21 August 2011

And it begins.... clean eating that is ;)

Wow .... I've been soo busy learning about eating "clean". I am so inspired and captivated by the yummy-ness and creative-ness of this way of eating. Everything tastes so delicious and is so filling!! I look forward to preparing the meals, and especially eating them!!!

Here is a look at todays yummy-ness
Breakfast.... was healthy omelettes (not much to look at ..... but tasty to eat (with salsa of course)!!! ).... with my favorite Italian salad...... and delicious hazelnut coffee.....

Then dinner was even more amazing.......

Asparagus/ Smoked Salmon inspired by Tosca Reno reciepe and 
Coleslaw by

The rest.... my own creation :) 

Ohh this experience of creating fresh, yummy, healthy food is such a great JOURNEY :) I can't wait to see what is next!!!!

Now for a relaxing walk with my love, V.... the sun set is amazing..... and needs to be enjoyed!!

Good Nite :)

Friday, 19 August 2011

Todays the DAY to PLAN 4 TOMORROW ;)

So I spent some time reflecting and wandering around in Chapters this is such a great place for being inspired and perking creativity. I found some really interesting reading material. At the top of my list is the "Clean & Lean Diet" by James Duigan.... looking really yummy, healthy, and motivating. 

My first experience with "eating clean" was a week ago when I ate at D'Lish with my momma and hubby. They use fresh (and as local as possible) food for all their meals!!! I couldn't believe how good I felt after the meal... I was so satisfied with the D'LISH-ous flavors and freshness of the food. I wasn't overly fully BUT actually satisfied. The dinner was and EXPERIENCE to remember. 


So I have been contemplating trying to eat fresh and clean. One of the challenges I anticipate with this plan.... is the availability of FRESH & LOCAL food..... IN THE WINTER (of which there are many months of this where I live!!!) and potentially...... THE COST!!! I think it is worth a try......

So I think reading this book is a decent start to learning about this type of eating....I think actually doing it will be enough to CONVINCE me to maintain this lifestyle.... so heres hoping :)

What foods to you eat that are satisfying and filling without "toxins" or "processing"??

Good Night 

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Enjoy the little things, for they make up the BIG things :)

This little dude made my day yesterday....  he was hanging out right by my work :)

What little things make your day better? Do you take a few minutes to enjoy the moment? I did!!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Lone-ly blog

Ive been wondering how does one get "blog" followers to have conversations with? To get feedback from?? How does one find the time to update a blog daily?? I feel that to keep a blog up to date ... one must be creative and find new perspectives on the day to day!! Hmm...

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Saturday Busy-ness....

Hmm... Well today was a day of ORGANIZATION.... I finally set a fire under my buttocks... and starting organizing my MANY PILES and PLENTIFULLY BAGS of STUFF... books, papers, bills, magazines, newspaper clipping, "things to do" and all JAZZ. It seems like all this STUFF makes me anxious and feel like my "to do list" is never ending. Each pile reminds me of HOW MUCH there is still LEFT TO DO.... and it seems ENDLESS!!! So I FINALLY got to work; filed my bills, organized my work meeting minutes, limited the amount of piles around (in the closet, pantry and under the BED!!) and then continued to hide reminders of grad school torture...  ohh glad... that is all finished with!!!

THINGS that really helped me get organized included:
a black sharpie, binders, STAPLES clear sheet protectors, pretty boxes and 

Oh how I feel a little less stressed and much more relaxed :) Time to enjoy the weekend :) 

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Better late.... than never...

So I haven't been too great at keeping my BLOG up 2 date!!! I just don't know what to write about on a daily basis. I enjoy writing when I have a specific thought or event to write about.

Todays thoughts are really about encouraging myself to live in the moment and enjoy each day for what it is. What do you like to do to enjoy some personal reflective time? I like to write in my journal while sipping something yummy at a coffee shop OR if the weather is nice, lying outside in the sun and writing about life ;)

This week I am looking forward to reading a new book I started for an upcoming book club meeting. Its called "Everything Beautiful Began After". Have any of you read it??? Its a different style of writing than I am used to... so its taking a while to get into. Only another week till my book club.... better get going...

ENJOY your WEEK :)