Tuesday, 26 June 2012

OMG... my daily calories in one sitting ?!?!

So I had a pretty good day... I left work thinking "I really like my job and today was a good day"!! Nice way to start my evening eh? Plus went to meet a friend for coffee and a cute and quaint coffee place......

Then I thought I would stop at the mall and have a quick bite to eat while doing 
some over due errands.... 
Kinda got myself craving some THAI.... so I INDULGED.....

So YUMMY... 
 I went to add in my moderately sized dinner to complete my calories for the day...... and was AMAZED... how many calories where in my YUMMY DINNER...
1131 CALORIES!!!
OMG I dunno what to do!!!
EEK GUILT TRIP...... now I know how looks can be deceiving!!

Anyhow, thankfully, there was a nice finish to the evening..... 
What have you indulged in lately, and later found out it wasn't such a health option?!!?!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Dragon Boat, Dragon Boat, Yes, You are #1

Hey Everyone, 
So today was super exciting!! We had our last day of DRAGON BOATING!!! It was RACE DAY and we did awesome. The weather was amazing and the water pretty decent!!! We won the first race at 1.08, came in second for the next race at ~1.21 and second again in the final race. I'd say pretty good!!! We were already to accept 2nd place..... BUT we GOT FIRST PLACE!!! Pretty cool. 

Here is a bit of a recap of the race day :) 

Now its time for a rest...... and a break.... 
thank you RAIN for holding off till the races were over!!!
What a great day. What did you do today??


Saturday, 23 June 2012

ME Day

Well today was a bit of a selfish day..... it was all about me......it included:

  • Running tons of errands (getting pants and shoes fixed, getting groceries, looking for a super cool bday present for my hubby, purchased the tix to a dinner theatre for my parents, me and my hubby--- bday present for momma and fathers day present for papa)
  • Chatting with my parents
  • Got new sandals
  • Went for a pedicure (yeah for pink and glitter)
  • Went for a massage
  • Caught up on Housewives of Orange County
  • Had a revelation.... I think my way to a healthy life and weight will be through FUN activity and MEGA FUN SALADS!!! 
  • Decided to start tracking my calorie intake..... to see what is going on..... and to make myself ACCOUNTABLE!!! I'm trialling my fitness pal
 It was a beautiful and HOT day today....

This is the cool room where I had my massage..... definitely feeling more relaxed

Yummy snacks.... from today.... the salad on left is the BEST... soo yummy... just never been able to 
re create it at home......

DINNER= whole grain crackeres and garlic hummus, beets, edamame, lettuce, dill dressing, simulated bacon bits, cheese and cucumber!!! YUM.

Well off to the dragon boating RACE tomorrow..... after this..... onto another fun SPORT

What activities are you looking forward to this summer????

nite, m

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Hey Guys, 

I dropped of the blogging radar for a while.... but here I am ... I'm back.... I have a ton of photos to upload.... in anticipation for this day!!! I was long awaiting..........

WOW !!! 500 Views!!!

So tonight I am celebrating.... that its a beautiful day outside 

I joined a local bootcamp!! Starting next week :) 
Here's hoping we can get the SUMMER started out just right!!!

Heres a little sneak peak in to my recent iphoto life.....

A cabin evening with my papa :) 
Just before the marshmellow roast....
 First crack at cinnamon buns....

These little guys make my day.....
Evening stroll with my hubby....
 Beautiful Nature @ Its Best

Peak A Boo
Alzheimers Memory Walk.....
What a thoughtful and memory provoking event. 

 Last night of dragon boat practice...

What makes your day a grrrrrreat one ???

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Its been WAAAAY 2 long....

Well it sure has been a while since my last post. I had kind of given up seeing as how the numbers of people checking in really waned...... but lately, I have been thinking about how much I enjoy capturing my memories and cherishing the little things.... having the electronic collages and thought is so refreshing and empowering.
So. I. Will. Start. Again.
Today was such a busy day at work. I am now trying to relax, while my to do list floats through my brain. Laundry. House cleaning. Dinner. Dragon Boating Practice..... but all that I can focus on is.... how dreary the weather is and how I just want to sleeeeeepppppp..........

Dragon Boating Practice .
Cozy Sleep.
Boy, that is a hard mindframe to remove myself from. Last night, I felt the same way and sat down with my e-reader to read 'Divergent' (awesome by the way!!!).... and in no time.... drifted off to an 11 hour sleep. So refreshing..... but so unproductive (depending on how you prioritize life!!!).  
Now, I've recognized.... I am actually procrastinating my evening..... and better get going.... or as nike says it "just do it" (life that is)!!!

How do you get out of procrastination? weather draining ruts??