Monday, 5 September 2011

Lovin' the long weekend :)

Ohhh... I hate when longs weekends end!!! I just love the extra time to hang out with those you love, relax, work on the 2 do list etc.... this weekend was really well balanced for me :) 

Here is a recap of AWESOME moments I chose to photograph with my iphone :) 

Beautiful view by the lake: while on a walk with my papa

Another view of the beautiful sunset :) 

One of the best parts of dinner with my love :) Coconut smoothie :))) YUM

Full fridge, ready for a new week :) Lots of "clean eating" recipes to try this week :) 

Bedtime snack....

Blueberry, banana, coconut, vanilla yogurt & milk :) 
I was too tired to move the decor away from the outlets.... the fall theme makes up for it though right ;)

Good night :)

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