Sunday, 15 January 2012

Had a fabulous weekend- did you? :)

So my momma and I just came back from a couple days away from home :) We went a few hours to a new shopping mall and we had a productive time!!! My momma went all out and bought a pair of cute boots and two fun sets of running shoes!! She also bought and awesome coach purse for herself and a cute clutch for me :) I bought myself some cute tights and a matching pair of running shoes (same as my mommas). 

After many hours shopping.... we had were exhausted!!! We headed to our hotel that was only 15 minutes away and started to relax when... my SURPRISE showed up at the hotel :) I found a local spa that agreed to come to our hotel and give us each a facial!! It was so relaxing and fun :) 
After some relaxation---- we went to dinner! It was yummy Italian!!
Overall, we had a fun and exciting weekend of adventures ;) 
This was my moms Christmas present- she definitely enjoyed the fun and thoughtfulness :)

Next up.... a stop at the gym... and starting my new book (for a book club). 
What are you up to on this lovely (BUT COLD!!!) Sunday evening??

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