Saturday, 25 February 2012

So I turned the big proverbial "29"... it was awesome


My bday falls the day after Valentines... its a tricky time of the year for celebrating as my hubby often likes partially combine the holidays. This year he surprised me with awesome Happy Valentines stickers in the bathroom on the mirror, a singing and moving lion card, some chocolate and a great smelling candle (smells just like cheesecake)..... it was so awesome and thoughtful :) 

It just happened to be NATIONAL M week..... 
the week of my bday as I had four different celebrations!!
1) Small quaint family dinner at my parents in laws house
2) Dinner with a friend at a Greek restaurant
3) Shared bday party with my dad at the cabin (his bday is Feb. 7)
4) Bday at a european restaurant with close friends

It. Was. Amazing.

I sure feel special and took quite a bit of time to reflect on how lucky I am!!! 


What was the best part of your month?? 
Any special memories or moments you shared with those you love?

Three other favorite things for me this month include:
Rediscovering SWIMMING :) 
Booked a CRUISE  with my LOVE 

We are pretty much snowed in here... maybe will fit in a little home exercise!!!

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