Thursday, 28 July 2011


So this is my FIRST post ever, hopefully, the FIRST of many. I am excited to capture my "in the moment" thoughts in a place where I can receive responses and have conversations and ultimately go back and see how much I grow over time.

To begin with....hmm... well topics that I am considering reflecting on today vary from emotionally DEEP (unfairness of life events + tradegy) to SUPER superficial things that lift a "mood" (how nice getting a new do' feels).

I read an article in Oprah's "O" magazine today that was encouraging people (who journal) to reflect on  positive moments from their day and to write it down regularly. This is good to learn to appreciate "the small things" and to provide a reference for a "mood booster" when sadness creeps in. So I think I will begin my VERY FIRST post with this suggestions from "O".

Today the best part of my day... was having the opportunity to support people who are going through really tough times!!!  Sometimes, being a ROCK for someone is not complicated... it really is BEING a rock... just stay put, and BE THERE!!! I love having "human" connections with people, it can fill a empty void. I feel lucky my profession allows me to connect with people regularly.

What was the best part of your day?


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