Sunday, 21 August 2011

And it begins.... clean eating that is ;)

Wow .... I've been soo busy learning about eating "clean". I am so inspired and captivated by the yummy-ness and creative-ness of this way of eating. Everything tastes so delicious and is so filling!! I look forward to preparing the meals, and especially eating them!!!

Here is a look at todays yummy-ness
Breakfast.... was healthy omelettes (not much to look at ..... but tasty to eat (with salsa of course)!!! ).... with my favorite Italian salad...... and delicious hazelnut coffee.....

Then dinner was even more amazing.......

Asparagus/ Smoked Salmon inspired by Tosca Reno reciepe and 
Coleslaw by

The rest.... my own creation :) 

Ohh this experience of creating fresh, yummy, healthy food is such a great JOURNEY :) I can't wait to see what is next!!!!

Now for a relaxing walk with my love, V.... the sun set is amazing..... and needs to be enjoyed!!

Good Nite :)

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