Friday, 19 August 2011

Todays the DAY to PLAN 4 TOMORROW ;)

So I spent some time reflecting and wandering around in Chapters this is such a great place for being inspired and perking creativity. I found some really interesting reading material. At the top of my list is the "Clean & Lean Diet" by James Duigan.... looking really yummy, healthy, and motivating. 

My first experience with "eating clean" was a week ago when I ate at D'Lish with my momma and hubby. They use fresh (and as local as possible) food for all their meals!!! I couldn't believe how good I felt after the meal... I was so satisfied with the D'LISH-ous flavors and freshness of the food. I wasn't overly fully BUT actually satisfied. The dinner was and EXPERIENCE to remember. 


So I have been contemplating trying to eat fresh and clean. One of the challenges I anticipate with this plan.... is the availability of FRESH & LOCAL food..... IN THE WINTER (of which there are many months of this where I live!!!) and potentially...... THE COST!!! I think it is worth a try......

So I think reading this book is a decent start to learning about this type of eating....I think actually doing it will be enough to CONVINCE me to maintain this lifestyle.... so heres hoping :)

What foods to you eat that are satisfying and filling without "toxins" or "processing"??

Good Night 

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