Saturday, 13 August 2011

Saturday Busy-ness....

Hmm... Well today was a day of ORGANIZATION.... I finally set a fire under my buttocks... and starting organizing my MANY PILES and PLENTIFULLY BAGS of STUFF... books, papers, bills, magazines, newspaper clipping, "things to do" and all JAZZ. It seems like all this STUFF makes me anxious and feel like my "to do list" is never ending. Each pile reminds me of HOW MUCH there is still LEFT TO DO.... and it seems ENDLESS!!! So I FINALLY got to work; filed my bills, organized my work meeting minutes, limited the amount of piles around (in the closet, pantry and under the BED!!) and then continued to hide reminders of grad school torture...  ohh glad... that is all finished with!!!

THINGS that really helped me get organized included:
a black sharpie, binders, STAPLES clear sheet protectors, pretty boxes and 

Oh how I feel a little less stressed and much more relaxed :) Time to enjoy the weekend :) 

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