Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmakkah

Happy Holidays :) 

Over here we are celebrating Hanukkah and about to celebrate Christmas :) I just love this time of year!! Its so magical and heartwarming. I love that the focus is on family and lasting traditions!!! 

We have some annual traditions but I'm about to stir things up and think of a new tradition that is special for my hubby and I to share with my parents. I've been brainstorming and google-ing all kinds of ideas!!

Current traditions:
 - Go out to my parents cabin and enjoy the peacefulness it brings, enjoying special moments with family and nature. 
-  Usually we go snow mobiling and have a fabulous xmas dinner (prepared by my 
- Usually open one present on xmas eve; but usually turns in to all .... so we can enjoy sleeping in!!

Of my brainstorming far I really like these ones: 
- Go outside and make snow angels
- Keep a "joy" journal to help remember special holiday moments 
- Matching pj's (not sure my hubby will go for this!!)
- Sit and reflect on the best part of the year 
- Keep a collection of individual peoples favorite xmas song and make a cd next year
- Take a photo in the same place each year
- Write appreciation cards/ letters
- Play games/ watch xmas movies
- Stockings

What are your favorite family traditions?!?!?


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