Sunday, 11 December 2011

What are you reading??

Seeing as how I still have people checkin' in on the blog....I'll try to put in some effort in maintaining at least a daily update :) I really enjoy seeing the previous posts and reflecting on what I was up .... and what my thinking process was!!

Today, I am re-cooping after an early HOLDIAY celebration with my parents and my inlaws. We had a declicious dinner and fun chatting time last night!!! Now I am relaxing..... and debating how to get started on my to do list for the day..... I think it will begin with a little nap or perhaps some easy reading.

I am currently reading:
The Happiness Project

It is the one my bookclub chose.... and I am enjoying it immensely!!

What book are you reading now? Is it amazing? Motivating? Fun?

While we're on the topic of happiness.... I came across this awesome link on my facebook .... 

it is totally worth checking out!!! 

Have a fabulous day!!!


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