Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy 2012 for all

Boy, where does the time go?? I hope everyone had a fabulous time celebrating the start of a new year!! We sure did. My hubby and I celebrated at a fancy gala in Banff :) It was fun to dress up, drink and dance the night away :) We missed being around family and friends though, but did the best we could :))) Love does make the world go 'round :) 

Heres hoping to a fabulous 2012. I had fun last night reviewing my goals from last year and setting new ones for this year. My most important and challenging one is.... to get in shape for life!!! I've made some rule for structure for myself.... and the 21 days to changing a habit... begins.... TODAY!

What are your goals for this year??? Anything exciting :) As my new mantra says "time is what you make of it" - my hubby's quote!!!
Cant' wait to hear everyones new years goals :) 

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