Saturday, 7 January 2012

Looks like I'm a weekend blogger .... for now

Good Morning :) 
Its a great sunny day over here.... and I've been up a few hours already. 

Went to the gym already this am for some good cardio! About to tidy my office and get organized!!! Last night I read a really great article in the December Womens Health magazine- and it has motivate me to get organized for life!! 

Here are some awesome quotes I took from the article :
"Having too many things can take mental space and energy that you could be spending else where"

"The more people are focused on possessions the lower their personal well being"

"Clutter can be a sign of procrastination. Rather than handling things in the moment, we put them aside"

"Assign an expiration date to each of your projects on your to do list" ... if you don't decide if its worth keeping as a thing to do... or delete it. 

"When there are to many choices you spend too much time making decisions"

"Focus on acquiring experiences not things"
I LOVE THIS ONE.. this is what we make a priority in our life!! 
With things... "You get the initial pleasure of doing something you enjoy, and then you can relive those feel good moments again and again as memories". Objects on the other hand, tend to lose their appeal over time because we get bored of them. 

"The more you own the less personal each object becomes and the easier it its to take it for granted"

"Focus on investing in objects you really love and can't live without"

Some food for thought eh? Off I go to dEcLuTtER......

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