Monday, 12 March 2012

Hum- yum

So I had a great day.... the nice weather (+7) for a March day.... put me in a good mood! So did trying a new recipe.....
(Thanks Chelsey)

It was so yummy, I couldn't help but eat three scoops!!! Here is a pic of how it turned out!! It seemed a bit dry but the taste was awesome! I love trying new things. 
Thought I would review my weekend in photos.....

Went to the symphony with a great friend. Here is a picture from the intermission.

Went to visit another friend last weekend.... she had a surprise for us..... a COCONUT... so my hubby poked holes and we had fresh coconut juice ;) 

Flowers from my fabulous hubby.... orange and red... very springy :)

Nite, off to watch a movie... and maybe workout!!!
I worked out 6/7 days last week :)
Vacation is coming up....
MoTiVaTiOn growing... ;)


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