Thursday, 8 March 2012

RUFF week.....

Boy oh boy... dunno what has gotten into me this week!!! Its been rough.... and I hope MY clumsiness settles down.

1st- I fell at work, dunno even know how, but I think I twisted my ankle by slipping on a rock?!?! Ended up getting checked out... nothing broken.... BUT boy... I feel sore EVERYWHERE!!! I just can't believe how much muscle pain can come from a fall.... 

Once I started healing up with advil, hot epsom baths and Japanese pain relieving patches.... I did another stupid thing...

2nd- got up this am and went to put my contacts in after soaking my contacts in a different solution from my usual.... and got a terrible burning surprise when I put the contact in!!! Looks like this contact solution needs to be used with its special container and for HARD (not soft) contacts!?!!? What a dangerous and dumb situation. I immediately took it out and rinsed and rinsed ..... saw the optometrist as soon as the office opened.... and here I am home today... doing flushes to the eye every half and hour for four hours, then every hour for a while after that!!1

I'm not sure what the heck is going on this week... but I hope the bad luck is over with?!?!?

Time for some more rest... JUST BREATHE right..... these past few days have reminded me how FORTUNATE we are to have GOOD health and GREAT families..... there is so much to love about being alive and health!!! Lets ENJOY 2DAY


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