Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Its been WAAAAY 2 long....

Well it sure has been a while since my last post. I had kind of given up seeing as how the numbers of people checking in really waned...... but lately, I have been thinking about how much I enjoy capturing my memories and cherishing the little things.... having the electronic collages and thought is so refreshing and empowering.
So. I. Will. Start. Again.
Today was such a busy day at work. I am now trying to relax, while my to do list floats through my brain. Laundry. House cleaning. Dinner. Dragon Boating Practice..... but all that I can focus on is.... how dreary the weather is and how I just want to sleeeeeepppppp..........

Dragon Boating Practice .
Cozy Sleep.
Boy, that is a hard mindframe to remove myself from. Last night, I felt the same way and sat down with my e-reader to read 'Divergent' (awesome by the way!!!).... and in no time.... drifted off to an 11 hour sleep. So refreshing..... but so unproductive (depending on how you prioritize life!!!).  
Now, I've recognized.... I am actually procrastinating my evening..... and better get going.... or as nike says it "just do it" (life that is)!!!

How do you get out of procrastination? weather draining ruts?? 

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  1. So on this day... I ended up going to the dragon boat practice and was so glad I did!! Sometimes we just have to push ourselves out of our comfort zone.....