Saturday, 23 June 2012

ME Day

Well today was a bit of a selfish day..... it was all about included:

  • Running tons of errands (getting pants and shoes fixed, getting groceries, looking for a super cool bday present for my hubby, purchased the tix to a dinner theatre for my parents, me and my hubby--- bday present for momma and fathers day present for papa)
  • Chatting with my parents
  • Got new sandals
  • Went for a pedicure (yeah for pink and glitter)
  • Went for a massage
  • Caught up on Housewives of Orange County
  • Had a revelation.... I think my way to a healthy life and weight will be through FUN activity and MEGA FUN SALADS!!! 
  • Decided to start tracking my calorie intake..... to see what is going on..... and to make myself ACCOUNTABLE!!! I'm trialling my fitness pal
 It was a beautiful and HOT day today....

This is the cool room where I had my massage..... definitely feeling more relaxed

Yummy snacks.... from today.... the salad on left is the BEST... soo yummy... just never been able to 
re create it at home......

DINNER= whole grain crackeres and garlic hummus, beets, edamame, lettuce, dill dressing, simulated bacon bits, cheese and cucumber!!! YUM.

Well off to the dragon boating RACE tomorrow..... after this..... onto another fun SPORT

What activities are you looking forward to this summer????

nite, m

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